Meet Chief,
a package based
Site Management System

We have developed this system to simplify the construction and maintenance of our webprojects.

These websites are built with Chief and managed by our clients

    • Crius Group
    • Think Tomorrow
    • Youcap
    • Hanolux
    • Contenti

Not another drag-and-drop platform.

We believe any website admin needs to focus on their content, not the layout of their website.

Yes, there is a pagebuilder. But a really easy one to handle. In just a few clicks you have setup your page. We promise.

Minimalistic Interface.

We dont like cluttered adminpanels. Or scattered content. These ideologies are combined into a sleak and minimal interface.

Plug &; play

Chief doesn't stand in your way.

We like it when an application is structured and well organised, who doesn't? The same applies for our folder structure. We can plug Chief into any project without the hassle of which files needs to go where.

Clean interface

Nothing more, nothing less.

We took the design-decisions out of the equation. The focus for the user in Chief is the content of their site and the way their website is structured or build.

Open Source

Chief is build on top of Laravel

But the true power of Chief is in the modularity of it all. Any user can build their own page with just a few building blocks. No hassle with the layout, just focus on the content.

Loved by our Chiefs.

Our site management is so simple that people are falling in love with it. Simplicity is easy when you just skip tons of mission-critical features.

    • The best part about Chief is that I can focus on what is important for me, the content and the message we want to spread.

    • Easy to manage and to setup, I feel like an expert in creating beautiful webpages

    • I don't have time to be working on the layout of my website. I want quick results and with Chief I have my content aired in no-time!


Are you interested?

You can try it for yourself. We truly believe in Open Source. How to start? Well, we have got this covered, go check out the documentation.

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